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Freeze, Fight, or Flight.

Fear. It can cause us to FREEZE. We can be driven to FIGHT. Sometimes we take FLIGHT. What do you do when fear creeps in? Fear of failure. Fear of success (yep, that's a thing). Fear of ridicule. Fear of attention/praise. See, there is a flip side to every coin, every emotion has an opposing emotion.

Every thought has an alternative thought. We can take our fear and push through it, stop borrowing trouble from tomorrow, and live within the parameters of today, or we can allow it to stunt our forward progress in life, in our relationships, and in our businesses.

Me? When I started this website, I didn't want anyone to really see it, just a few people. When I wrote about my journey with pancreatic cancer I wanted to encourage others who were struggling through similar things, but only in those areas. I did not want to risk ridicule for my writing style, for my emotions, or for my humanness.

When I decided to step out on faith and start my candle business, I was petrified. My experience in this field is vast, but my whole life I have struggled with being judged. Always wanting to fit in, not stand out. Blend in with my surroundings, not ruffle feathers. Just be accepted.

Through age I have come to realize that in life and business, words sting, judgment hurts, and not everyone will like me or my products, but like me, my candles won't be for everyone - and that's okay. Is every candle perfect? Am I? Ha! I wish!! Is every scent loved? Nope. Do I love every scent? Absolutely NOT!!! But, I have a niche. I have a lane. My products have appeal. And trust me, if theres a problem I will address it, if it's wrong, I'll fix it. If it breaks in shipping, I'll replace it.

As with everything I've done in my life - school, flying, taekwondo, raising babies, traveling to unknown places, selling candles, I'm stepping out on FAITH, I will take a deep breath, say a few hundred prayers, smile and jump, because I'd rather try and fail, than stay stagnant!

February 3rd we are having an Open House from 10am - 4pm. February 17th we are hopping over to Hollywood and setting up our booth for the Hollywood Artwalk, 6pm - 11pm! I'm Petrified. Scared 💩less. But, I do NOT freeze.

Join me in this next phase of Crazy Lady Candles Adventures! I'll be hopped up on caffeine 🤪!

Stay lit, burn brightly, and jump!

Your Crazy Lady 🩷

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