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Grove Market at Tidal Brewing

Wow. We did it! Our 3rd event in a month - Tidal Brewing Co. in SpringHill, FL! Huge shout out to my daughter, Meghan, and my sister, Kim, for helping make this a great event! There was a LOT of wind, so some improvising was needed. Our back wall wasn't going to cut it, our sign that stays on a tripod was a definite hazard, and the skirts on the table kept flying up...but, we figured it out and had a great time!

The other vendors (most) were fun, as were the guests that came to the event, there was even a baker with gf cookies. Special thank you to our friends and family who stopped by, your support matters more than you know!!! We passed out St. Patrick's Day necklaces, bracelets, and funky glasses to kids AND adults!

Good food, great herbal tea, homemade mustards, and the best company! A big Mahalo to Regis and Lisa for helping us girls break everything down and then beverages after!!!

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported all of our small businesses, and a special shout out to Allisa from Roots Creative Co. for putting this all together! Thank you for inviting us back May 26 - we'll see you then!

Bee 🐝 Crazy and Burn Brightly,


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