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Hollywood Artwalk - 1st public event!

Good morning! Last night was so fun, exhilarating, and enlightening. I am not an entity unto myself and am always so grateful for our friends and family who support and encourage this adventure. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally.

After being sick with listeria for 8 days, and unable to really prepare until Friday, I was not sure how everything would turn out. Meghan helped me with all the last minute preparations, then we worked the event the whole time together.

Everything went so much better than expected. Friends - old and new. Great live music. Such wonderful energy. If you are in Hollywood the 3rd Saturday of every month, check it out. They do free art tours around the area to different venues. Food is fabulous, fun bars, lovely art and artists!

Thank you to all our people who stopped by and said hi, bought candles, and kept us entertained. To all my new friends - welcome to my crazy adventure!

Bee 🐝 Happy, Bee 🐝 Crazy, and burn brightly!

Your Crazy Lady aka Sandee

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