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Let's Make it Great - 2024 - Happy New Year!

1st - it is imperative to take a grateful moment for the highs and lows of 2023. On April 1st, Crazy Lady Adventures went live with our candle sales. We then introduced wax melts (then I had to order 3 melters because they are fantastic)! I love flames, but the smells in the bathrooms without worrying about flames are great, too!

July 19, I retired from Publix to pursue mom life and candlemaker full time!

There have been challenges - wicks that were faulty, scents that were a fail, containers that didn't sell, not to mention the packages I mailed that had broken product, but each one of these led to some great discoveries and better processes. There were scents that sold out, containers that were perfect, and messages that made my heart soar!

Every day being a business owner brings an opportunity for learning, growth, and new developments! In the past 8 months of sales, we've sold candles in 2 countries, 11 states, and 1 restaurant. We've had Open Houses, created candles for Western High School's Marching Band Banquet, Baby Peyton's baby shower, Meghan's bridesmaids boxes, Breast Cancer Awareness, and of course the Holiday Scents which have been my favorite!

With the help of Alex and Krysten, I was even able to make candles in Alaska - Chena River Chai!

We are blessed to make and sell the highest quality candles made with my own mix of soy and beeswax, using no dyes, no pthalates, and only the highest quality clean scents that are also safe for your skin.

2nd - in 2024, we are going to add some fun new candles, we are excited to make candles for special orders, and also to do special events! Our big one will be Meghan's wedding, and we'd love to help you celebrate your special event - whatever it may be!

We are constantly looking for new ways to enhance and improve our candles. I'm never satisfied with status quo, and believe there is always room for improvement!

3rd - we are looking forward to participating in events this year, stay tuned for updates throughout the year!

Last, but certainly not least, THANK YOU, to all of my friends and family who have encouraged, supported, created with me, bought candles, gave them as gifts, burned for research, and gave honest feedback! Without you, I wouldnt be me! And a shoutout to my future son-in-law for being the first sale of 2024, taking us into the new year running!

Wishing you and your loved ones many joys and blessings in 2024. Stay lit, burn brightly, and live intentionally!

Sandee a.k.a. Crazy Lady 🌻

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